What Failure Taught Me Pt. 1

Episode 10 June 22, 2023 01:00:34
What Failure Taught Me Pt. 1
Riding the Big Wheel
What Failure Taught Me Pt. 1

Jun 22 2023 | 01:00:34


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Michelle Seger

Show Notes

Bailey Beeken is President of Validated Learnings, LLC and what I like to call a "superconnector". I had such a great conversation with Bailey, so great in fact, that this episode will be split into two parts - each jam-packed with interesting stories and engaging insights. In part 1 of our discussion, we talk about her transition from the corporate world to being a business owner, what the risks are in business ownership, and the role that curiosity, innovation, and passion play in the workplace. This conversation was refreshingly honest, and I know you will learn something new to take with you in your own personal and professional journey of life.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this episode next week!

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