How To Say No

Episode 9 June 15, 2023 01:01:54
How To Say No
Riding the Big Wheel
How To Say No

Jun 15 2023 | 01:01:54


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Michelle Seger

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Veronica Grigg is President of SE Asia of Crawford & Company and a trailblazer in reinventing the insurance claims industry. I had the privilege of connecting with her and she agreed to share what she has learned about leading a virtual, global, multi-cultural organization. We’ll discuss the upside of taking risks and making change and how she keeps herself in top mental condition. We’ll also discuss the secret to saying “no” in a way that doesn’t offend and how it will help you to sustain yourself over the long haul to manage a successful and rewarding personal and professional career. We’ll learn about her life in SE Asia as a woman and expatriate from Australia and how she has navigated through a new country to live her life to the fullest! Her insights are thoughtful, engaging and I know you will learn something new to enhance your own personal and professional journey of life!


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