Play the Long Game and Show No Fear

Episode 26 June 06, 2024 01:02:22
Play the Long Game and Show No Fear
Riding the Big Wheel
Play the Long Game and Show No Fear

Jun 06 2024 | 01:02:22


Hosted By

Michelle Seger

Show Notes

Play the long game and show no fear. What does this mean to you?

Special guest, Gail Stout Perry, Partner at Credera - Strategy and ESG Executive, joins me on today's episode of Riding the Big Wheel and breaks down this phrase that defines her journey in more ways than one!

Gail and I cover a wide variety of topics including the challenges of rebuilding your personal brand, why companies need to be talking about ESG, and our personal uses of AI. 

We also divulge in our personal journeys of motherhood and balancing career and life.

This podcast promises to be an enlightening conversation that broadens your understanding of female leadership, technology, and more!

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