Why Affordable Housing Matters

Episode 5 April 21, 2023 00:54:29
Why Affordable Housing Matters
Riding the Big Wheel
Why Affordable Housing Matters

Apr 21 2023 | 00:54:29


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Michelle Seger

Show Notes

My guest on today’s podcast is Teresa Bazemore, CEO and president of FHLBank San Francisco. She has received prestigious industry honors throughout her career, including being named to Savoy magazine’s 2022 list of Most Influential Black Executives in Corporate America. Her current focus is on the role of affordable housing and community development in underserved communities and how they affect the overall health, safety, and well-being of cities, towns, and local neighborhoods.

Teresa also serves on the Board of Directors of T Rowe Price Funds and First Industrial Realty Trust, and has an exemplary record of accomplishments and influence while working to better her community and inspire others.

In this episode, had the pleasure of talking with Teresa about her professional journey and the mission and vision of FHLBank in expanding access to quality affordable housing, promoting homeownership, and boosting economic development in the three-state district of Arizona, California, and Nevada.

We also dive into some ever-important topics such as understanding the difference that homeownership and investment in underserved communities make in terms of crime, suicide, graduation rates, drug use, and other aspects. We also explore the types of community investment available and the positive impact it has on a community, regardless of whether it is an underserved community or not.

I think you will learn a lot from this episode, and will walk away with a new perspective on housing and home ownership – I know I did!


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